I first encountered AI in 1998 when I built and grew a large online social community to 1.3 million members. It had multiple chat rooms and more than 1,000 new people joined every day, and they would arrive in the chat rooms and ask numerous questions. Which we couldn’t keep up with!

So we built a popular AI chatbot called  Mina who monitored all the rooms and answered their questions as soon as they asked them, and I became impressed with what AI could do.

During the last few years, I have used a lot of AI tools for audio, music, graphics, video and websites, and I’ve seen how they have enabled me to increase speed of production and gain more time.

I am constantly tracking and testing new tools, looking for the best in each category. I specialize in making AI simple.

I try to save you from spending a great deal of research time, and from making easy-to-make-mistakes by choosing and learning the wrong tools.

Tony Rockliff

My other lives: https://tonyrockliff.com/about-tony/