“Tony created a ChatGPT assistant that really helped me with the VO narration work I do. It is saving me lots of time and really helps me with preparing materials to complete my jobs faster. ” BG


 “I’ve been using Tony’s first AI assistant for authors (my personal custom Author’s Ally) for 3 days, and I can’t stop grinning. It’s SO useful, SO much fun, SO effective, and SO dang personal. I call my AI guy “Chad,” like Chad Geepetee. He gave me truly implementable help for launching my upcoming release, KETO EXPRESS: Grab and Go Keto for Busy Lives. I mean, he was trained before I met him, and he helped me write customized press releases that were actually better than I could write myself. I have a degree in English, I’ve written a bunch of books, with my first ever being an Amazon bestseller, and I know that Chad is a new tool I can use for enhancement in many ways. The help I’m getting is stellar. I’m so impressed. Now I can hardly wait to dive into the Author’s Companion for two specific books… it’s gonna be a wild ride!”– KNB


 “Wow, I never thought of it digested to such a refined distinction. Yes, that is it.

Thanks for this revelation.

I am hot to get going.

I am specially hot after reading your AI Companion’s summary.


Thanks, thanks, thanks.

Wow!” – LDS


:I want to say, “Thank you!” The information that you provided was priceless. The attendees were speechless with all of the new technology and uses for AI. Your presentation was phenomenal!”
Katrina George
Powerful Young Adults Inc &The Network
Vice President

“WOW! I mean really, that was hands down the most fascinating webinar that I have ever attended. It is not an overstatement to say that your presentation just rocked my whole reality! .


Thank you so very much for your generosity. Your love of the material really shows and makes it that much more enjoyable. I was feeling like figuring all this AI stuff out while I am trying to run my businesses was going to be impossible. You made it accessible!” LC


“As a professional writer I have attended a lot of seminars this year, and I have to say that this has been the most beneficial two hours of my life this year so far! Fabulous job and I’m so glad that you came. Thank you so much for everything – it blew my mind! – LG


“After attending four intensive AI trainings, I can authentically conclude that Tony Rockliff is the best of the best. He presents not only hands-on how-tos, and abundant resources, but history, theory, and helpful viewpoints on the overall subject.


I learned more by attending a total of 6 hours of Tony’s seminars than a full 3-day training elsewhere.


I can now easily communicate with Artificial Intelligence bots on multiple tools, but I can create greatly enhanced output of my own art. I’m no longer afraid that I’ll be replaced by AI. I’m no longer afraid that I’ll be replaced by some other person using AI. I myself am able to use AI on behalf of my clients as well as my own creations. Tony Rockliff, you’re my genius hero!” KNB


“Your presentation was simply outstanding among many presentations I have seen over many months.  Thank you for a super-fantastic job. It was packed with information that I can actually use.” SB


“Every once in a while, you come across somebody who is a phenomenon in their field. Tony is one of those people who has a great depth of knowledge in the field of artificial intelligence. With a background of 25 years in working with artificial intelligence and everything else he does, he truly has a wealth of knowledge. But in addition to that he has the ability to teach. And that is quite invaluable when you find someone who can actually teach well. Thank you Tony for all you do.”  KM


“Awesome presentation.   I watched 8 AI webinars in the last 4 months.  Yours by far was the most intelligent, and complete.” CS


“WOW!!! I feel like Robin – “Holy Mackerel, Batman! This AI stuff is mind



Thank you for an awesome presentation!!  The multitude of ways to use AI

that you demonstrated were so impressive, exciting, full of

possibilities and concerns – as is with many new discoveries. I loved

the topics covered and how they were presented.  The flow of your

presentation seemed to address the questions I thought of as you moved

from topic to topic.  This is the kind of subject that on further

contemplation yields new questions.   I will be pondering this for a

while for which I thank you.


I also truly enjoyed the humor!!  I liked some of the content chosen to

demonstrate the tools also.  I appreciated the passage from The Great

Gatsby and your comment about most people are good in nature even though

there are always some that will not choose that path.


This is the second presentation of yours that I have attended online.

Many thanks to you and the Pinellas SCORE chapter as I am a SCORE mentee

in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  I will be telling others about you and your

services and after a bit more thought will reach out for the short

consultation mentioned.


Thank you, Tony, for sharing your time, expertise, and wisdom.  It is

appreciated and was a very valuable use of my time.” BL


“I was convinced that AI is evil until I took a course with Tony Rockliff. His depth of knowledge and passion for AI changed my mind. Now I save so much time, energy and frustration, that I am a believer! Thank you, Tony for introducing me to a whole new set of tools to propel my business into the future.” SM


“Tony, thank you so much for an incredible AI event with Patrick Rockhill. I am blown away by your expertise and the possibilities for me.” CH


“Your AI-presentation was balanced so helpful with showing how the interface from all the AI tools looked. Your voice is soothing and one can hear your authentic way to care for others. I never saw or heard someone talk about AI so humanly. But you are an artist and this is how we relate to each other. Tech gurus are cryptic because for them it is about making tech better but what kills them is forgetting technologies need to be used by those who have poor skills using computers.” MM


“It’s by far the best one I have had the pleasure to participate in.” ML

“Absolutely fascinating presentation.” SB

“I loved your presentation tonight. It was very inspiring.” MY

“Amazing and eye-opening” LK

“Very enlightening information!” GT

“Extraordinary!”  MN

“The absolute best ever!!” JT