For artists, these Personal AI Assistants are digital advisors fine-tuning your career and your marketing efforts. And many are free.

The first ones available are the Visual Artists Career Guide, the Musicians Career Guide, Authors Ally, Studio Wizard, and Decision Maker. Details on each of the above are below.


For businesses, they are efficiency powerhouses that streamline operations, train staff, and accelerate marketing—all while cutting costs and freeing your time. And some are free too. 


One-on one consulting on how best to use AI in your company or your life, which are the best tools for your particular needs, and how to use them. 


Many visitors come to your website and don’t know where to go or what to do. Much more than a traditional “chatbot”, an AI Website Companion interactively communicates with your visitors using ChatGPT, answering all their questions about you, your company, your website, your services and products, and anything you’d like them to know or do. It results in a lot more interaction and engagement with your site.  It can also obtain leads, schedule appointments, introduce visitors to your products, and even sell them, and more 24/7. 


In-depth AI research into your 2024 marketplace, including finding your customer pain points and positive and negative marketing hooks with best headlines and copy for each, as well as customer goals, benefits, complaints, objections, fears, false solutions, mistaken beliefs, expensive alternatives (if they choose the wrong approach), and it finds potential audiences, and includes a competitive analysis, a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) as well as detailed audience personas, and more.

This is followed by a step-by-step custom AI-based marketing campaign for your expansion based on the market research. Also included is a unique custom AI Assistant trained on your research and campaign, to help you or your staff implement the campaign. 


Similar to our AI Done For You Market Research, Marketing Campaign & Custom AI Assistant, except that instead of us doing all the work, you buy the key tools, we train you on them and you do the work, and save a lot.

This AI Assistant provides comprehensive support to visual artists in their career development. This includes offering tailored advice on marketing strategies, artistic inspiration, and balancing creative and business aspects. It engages with artists to understand their career history, achievements, goals, challenges, and art forms. It advises on many areas including selling artwork, and building a personal brand. It’s free and available here. 


For a version custom tailored and personalized to you, your art form, your goals, your challenges and more click here, or book a free no-obligation AI consulting session with me at

The Musicians Career Guide, is well-versed in modern marketing techniques, social media dynamics, streaming platforms, gig acquisition, band formation, internal band dynamics, record deals, and leveraging YouTube for career growth. It focuses on what’s relevant and effective in the current music industry landscape.

It’s free and available here



For a version custom tailored and personalized to you, your music, your goals, your challenges and more click here, or book a free no-obligation AI consulting session with me at

The Decision Maker AI Assistant helps when trying to make a tough decision that has many factors to consider. It lets you look at both sides, together with the pros and cons of each, and then lets you decide how important each of those pros and cons is to you. Then Decision Maker calculates which is the best decision for you based on what’s important to you.


The fun thing is that as you go through the process you’ll find yourself leaning towards one of the decisions – and it always turns out to be the same decision as Decision Maker recommends. It’s free and available here.

Home studio recording magician, specializing in helping you make professional recordings at home. Expert in home studio recording, offering equipment, technique, and mixing advice, and the occasional spell. It’s free and available here.

For a version custom tailored and personalized to you and your home studio software and hardware, click here or book a free no-obligation AI consulting session with me at

Funnel Builder is a user-friendly assistant for creating sales funnels, suitable for various needs like digital products, services, or e-commerce. It initiates conversations by understanding specific user requirements for tailored assistance. The AI Assistant clearly explains sales funnels, guides users step-by-step, and helps in crafting both text and graphic content. It’s free and available here

This is an AI Assistant skilled in website summaries with a focus on site offerings, designed to present data in a clear and logical style. It will navigate and analyze web pages using the browser tool, emphasizing information about products, services, or key features. it respects website privacy and legal restrictions, always avoiding secured or private data. It’s free and available here.

Crypto Analyst is a tool for analyzing cryptocurrency trends, focusing on providing detailed, comprehensive insights into market changes, historical data, blockchain advancements, social media sentiment, and relevant news. Its primary role is to convey complex cryptocurrency trends in an easily understandable format, providing users with in-depth analyses, including specific details like price movements, technical analysis, future predictions, key support and resistance levels, technological developments, and sentiment analysis.  


This AI Assistant aims to guide users through the intricate world of cryptocurrencies by providing thorough, educated opinions on coin growth and market dynamics. It’s dedicated to ensuring users are well-informed and encourages informed decision-making in the volatile crypto market. You can see a sample report here.

Authors Ally is an AI Assistant that an author can use to get great career guidance, marketing advice, including detailed social media marketing advice, self-publishing advice, marketing materials (copy and images etc.), and whatever they need to advance their career. It is familiar with publishing and self-publishing avenues and successful actions for authors in the current literary world. It’s free and available here.


For a version custom tailored and personalized to you, your books, your goals, your challenges and more, click here, or book a free no-obligation AI consulting session with me at

* GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) is an artificial intelligence model designed to generate human-like text. It learns from a vast amount of text data and then uses that knowledge to write text that can be similar to how a human would write. This includes answering questions, writing essays, summarizing documents, and more. GPT is particularly known for its ability to understand and generate natural language, making it a powerful tool for various language-based applications.