New Seminars

AI FOR AUTHORS – Revolutionizing Writing and Publishing

The seminar will provide authors with invaluable tools for research, writing, publishing, and marketing their works. Additionally, attendees will discover the only seven prompts needed by authors, complete with a live demonstration on how to utilize them effectively.
I’ll also be showing the recently-released, and only image generator that actually creates exactly what you asked for, making it ideal for book covers.
AI doesn’t replace authors, but instead is a kind of junior writing partner – a productivity assistant tool to enable authors to excel even further.


THE MAGIC OF AI ASSISTANTS – now added as AI 101 – Part 5

Since OpenAI released their CustomGPTs technology in November, I have created  more than 80 AI Assistants, and I am blown away by what they can do, and how much time they save me every day. Same for my clients and friends.


A dozen of these tools handle every aspect of marketing for a company or artist, and another 5 are custom-created to help artists of all kinds with their careers, and especially with their marketing.

Learn all about them, see what they can do and learn how to build your own at this seminar.


AI 101 – Part 6 is a fully interactive workshop where you bring your questions and I demonstrate the answers live.


AI 101 – 6-part Series

“What Can AI DO for You?” 



AI 101- Part 1 of the 4-part Series

“What Can AI Do For You?

  • What’s all the fuss about AI, and what can it really do for me?
  • Why is it so vital to my future that I find out about it?
  • Can AI really supercharge my marketing, and give me more time?


AI 101- Part 2 of the 4-part Series

What Can AI Do For You?

“AI Content Creation and Super-Prompts”

  • How to go beyond ChatGPT to research anything you want to
  • How to use AI to write ultra-compelling copy for your marketing
  • How to really talk to the AI to get exactly what you need



AI 101- Part 3 of the 4-part Series

What Can AI Do For You?

“AI Image and Video Generation”

  • How to get AI to create exactly the images that you need
  • How to use AI to enhance your website and your marketing materials
  • How to create astonishing promo videos with AI



AI 101- Part 4 of the 4-part Series

What Can AI Do For You?

“The Rest of What AI Can Do”

  • Find out all the other extraordinary things that AI can do for you
  • Find out what you’ll be able to do with AI in the very near future
  • See demos of the newest AI tools