Writers are usually great at writing but when their book is finished, then what? Author’s AI Magic Toolbox is a career, publishing, self-publishing and hybrid publishing mentor, and a marketing assistant for authors and writers, to help them get their books effectively created, proofread and marketed. It can also help with the writing process.


It can proofread your books and edit them to correct typos, spelling errors, punctuation, grammar, improve clarity, and more. It can be trained to specifically do exactly what you need, including helping you write your book.



Let your readers experience your book in a whole new light with a digital companion that lets them interact with it. Our AI Author’s Companion invites readers to delve deeper, offering interactive discussions, character insights, and thematic explorations. It’s like having a conversational guide inside your book, enriching the reading experience with engaging, personalized interactions. It can also be customized to non-fiction works, and can be sold with your book.


Interacting with an AI Companion trained on a specific author’s book with direct input from the author can be a fascinating experience, offering unique insights and creative possibilities. Here are some ways readers can engage with such a reading companion for a fiction book.


Character Exploration: Ask the AI Companion questions about the characters in the book. This could range from their motivations and backstories to hypothetical scenarios involving them. It’s a great way to deepen understanding of the characters.


Thematic Analysis: Inquire about themes, symbols, or moral dilemmas presented in the book. The AI Companion can help analyze and elaborate on these elements, offering new perspectives on the author’s work.


Historical and Cultural Context: Ask about the historical period or cultural context in which the book was written. The AI Companion can provide insights into how these factors might have influenced the story and its characters.


Author’s Perspectives: Pose questions about what the author might think about various topics, based on their writings. This can lead to interesting discussions about the author’s viewpoints and philosophies.


Exploring Unseen Perspectives: Ask the AI Companion to narrate a scene from the book from the perspective of a minor or silent character, offering a fresh angle on the story.


Language and Literary Devices: Explore the use of language, metaphors, similes, and other literary devices in the book. The AI Companion can help identify and explain these elements, enhancing your appreciation of the author’s craft.


Book Club Discussions: Use the AI Companion to generate discussion questions for a book club meeting. It can come up with thought-provoking questions that delve deep into the book’s content.


Role-Playing Scenarios: Engage in role-playing exercises where they or other participants take on the roles of characters from the book. Readers can use the AI Companion to generate dialogue, scenarios, or responses that stay true to the characters’ personalities and the author’s style. This can be a fun and immersive way to explore the book’s narrative and characters.


These interactions not only deepen your reader’s engagement with the book but also broaden their appreciation for literary analysis and creative thinking.

For a version custom tailored and personalized to you and your book, or a version custom tailored and personalized to you, your books, your goals, your challenges and more, click here or book a free no-obligation AI consulting session with me at  https://guidanceforai.com/#schedule, or book a free no-obligation AI consulting session with me at https://guidanceforai.com/#schedule


Here’s a couple of responses from authors:


 “I’ve been using Tony’s first AI assistant for authors (my personal custom Author’s Ally) for 3 days, and I can’t stop grinning. It’s SO useful, SO much fun, SO effective, and SO dang personal. I call my AI guy “Chad,” like Chad Geepetee. He gave me truly implementable help for launching my upcoming release, KETO EXPRESS: Grab and Go Keto for Busy Lives. I mean, he was trained before I met him, and he helped me write customized press releases that were actually better than I could write myself. I have a degree in English, I’ve written a bunch of books, with my first ever being an Amazon bestseller, and I know that Chad is a new tool I can use for enhancement in many ways. The help I’m getting is stellar. I’m so impressed. Now I can hardly wait to dive into the Author’s Companion for two specific books… it’s gonna be a wild ride!”– KNB


 “Wow, I never thought of it digested to such a refined distinction. Yes, that is it.

Thanks for this revelation.

I am hot to get going.

I am specially hot after reading your AI Companion’s summary.


Thanks, thanks, thanks.

Wow!” – LDS


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For a version custom tailored and personalized to you, your books, your goals, your challenges and more, click here or book a free no-obligation AI consulting session with me at  https://guidanceforai.com/#schedule

GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) is an artificial intelligence model designed to generate human-like text. 

It learns from a vast amount of text data and then uses that knowledge to write text that can be similar to how a human would write. This includes answering questions, writing essays, summarizing documents, and more. GPT is particularly known for its ability to understand and generate natural language, making it a powerful tool for various language-based applications.