Trained on you, your company, your information, your art, for very focused results.



In the first category, For Marketing, are AI tools that dramatically simplify, speed up, and lessen the costs of your marketing, PR, and sales. They can be customized and trained on your company, your services and products, your goals and your challenges, to ensure that the results are tailored to your needs.


The AI Marketing Assistants can help with such things as market research, finding pain points and “hooks”, marketing campaigns, creating marketing media, and training marketing and sales people.


They are available as Do-It-Yourself tools that include us training you on them. They are also available on a Done-For-You basis, where we utilize them to get what you need in your marketing. By using AI, we can offer these services at prices far below the norm.

Many times when new people come to a website, they don’t know where to go or what to do to find the information they’re looking for. 


An AI Website Companion is a ChatGPT4-powered virtual assistant that sits in the corner of a website to chat with visitors and answer any questions that they may have. 

It is designed to engage with users in real-time using natural language conversations, answer their questions, provide information about products or services, schedule their appointments, assist with answering any of their questions, get them involved and engaged with your site and to get you leads. You can check out Arthur at the bottom right of this page.

Writers are usually great at writing but when their book is finished, then what? Author’s Ally is a career, self-publishing and marketing assistant for authors and writers.


Author Digital Companions are interactive book companion for author’s books, providing deeper dives into them. They are trained on the author’s book(s) and enable readers to engage in thoughtful discussions about the book, analyze characters, themes and historical context, facilitate book club discussions, and much more.


They offer insights into the author’s perspectives, and provide a richer understanding of the book. They can be sold as an addition to a book. They are also available for non-fiction books.

Like authors, artists are usually great at creating their art, but when their work is finished, they often don’t know what to do next to successfully promote it. The AI Assistants include career and marketing help for visual artists and musicians, as well as tools to help musicians with their home recordings.


The AI Assistants can be trained on all the key information about the artist, their works, their goals, their challenges, and more, so that its help is laser-focused for each artist.


Get 20% off when you buy any two Custom AI Assistants, (use 20off coupon), and 40% off for 3 or more (use 40off coupon). Custom bundles available.


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    Authors AI Magic Toolbox


    Writers are usually great at writing but when their book is finished, then what? Authors AI Magic Toolbox helps authors with their careers, whether publishing, self-publishing or hybrid publishing.   It helps them write their books, and it proofreads and edits the books, and even helps authors with marketing their books and their audiobooks, including market research, writing step-by-step marketing campaigns, and even creating their marketing materials!   If you already have a book, it can be trained on your information and your book, so that its information and advice is laser-focused to you and your books. And it can be custom-trained to specifically do exactly what each author needs for their specific books. 20% off intro price - only $795

  • Insight Finder


    Finds pain points and discovers specific complaints, challenges, or issues that actual users or consumers are experiencing.

  • Hooks Generator


    Creates creative and engaging marketing hooks and headlines, tailored to user-defined topics or industries.

  • Video Director


    Creates video titles, scripts, visual storyboards, and offers specialized video production advice to assist users in creating compelling video content.

  • Keyword Detective


    Friendly SEO assistant for keyword research. It searches SEO tools and websites for keywords with reasonable search volumes and low competition. It analyzes this data and presents a list of recommended keywords.

  • Website Designer


    An interactive guide for WordPress website design, offering layout suggestions, copywriting, basic SEO advice, best practices in web design, and effective content strategies.

  • Marketing Bloodhound


    Market Research Deep Dive – does in-depth market research in many key areas – your current marketplace, potential markets, competition, prospect concerns, pain points and hooks, SWOT analysis, audience personas, keywords and more.

  • Campaign Architect


    Crafts detailed, all-encompassing PR & marketing campaigns from market research done by Marketing Bloodhound.



    Many visitors come to your website and don't know where to go or what to do. Much more than a traditional "chatbot", an AI Website Companion interactively communicates with your visitors using ChatGPT, answering all their questions about you, your company, your website, your services and products, and anything you'd like them to know or do. It results in a lot more interaction and engagement with your site.  It can also obtain leads, schedule appointments, introduce visitors to your products, and even sell them, and more 24/7.    Intro prices - 3 choices of ways to pay:   1) $2500 as one payment, or 2) $1500 deposit, and $1500 upon completion, or 3) $500 setup and $97 per month.   You can chat with our Companion, Arthur at the bottom right.



    One-on one consulting on how best to use AI in your company or your life, which are the best tools for your particular needs, and how to use them. Sliding scale discounts: | 1 hour - $150 | 5 hours - $675 | 10 hours - $1250 | 25 hours - $2500 | 50 hours - $3750

  • DFY AI Marketing-In-a-Box Market Research, Marketing Campaign & Custom AI Assistant


    DONE FOR YOU AI MARKET RESEARCH, MARKETING CAMPAIGN & CUSTOM AI ASSISTANT Unlock the key to your market's heart in 2024 with our AI-driven insights that pinpoint exactly what your customers crave and fear. Streamline your strategy with tailored, compelling headlines and copy, while navigating through their desires, concerns, and misconceptions. Sidestep costly mistakes by understanding the pitfalls of wrong choices. Plus, get a clear view of your audience personas, your competitors, and a laser-focused SWOT analysis to stay ahead. Elevate your growth with a bespoke AI-crafted marketing campaign, uniquely designed from this deep market understanding. To ensure seamless implementation, you'll have a custom AI Assistant, knowledgeable in your strategy and research, ready to guide y

  • Authors Ally


    Writers are usually great at writing but when their book is finished, then what? Author’s Ally is a career, self-publishing and marketing assistant for authors and writers, to help them get their books effectively marketed. - “I’ve been using Tony’s AI assistant for authors (my personal custom Author’s Ally) for 3 days, and I can’t stop grinning. It’s SO useful, SO much fun, SO effective, and SO dang personal. He gave me truly implementable help for launching my upcoming book and he helped me write customized press releases that were actually better than I could write myself and I have a degree in English. I know that he is a new tool I can use for enhancement in many ways. The help I’m getting is stellar. I’m so impressed!”– KNB